Maduke is disappointed to see the fight between Rai and Muzaka ending so soon without anyone of them dying. At the very least he wanted the fight to be dragged out long enough for Garda to recover.

But sadly Lady Luck is no longer on his side. He no longer gets the time to enjoy since Garda gets impaled by dark tentacles created by Frankenstein, thus obstructing her recovery. Muzaka is angered by Frankenstein's action but Frankenstein doesn't care about his words.

Frankenstein is so angry this time that even his master (Rai) is sweating bullets. Frankenstein has had enough of Muzaka's nonsense, which has costed his master a lot of life-force. He warns Muzaka to get his act together and settle his affairs.

Muzaka finally decides to confront Maduke and make him pay for the crimes he has committed on his race.

Maduke has the standard villain moment: he declares that he would rule the entire world now that the werewolf race is the strongest force on the planet. He proudly declares that the number of warriors have increased and are more powerful compared to Muzaka's reign. He further declares that the werewolf land would be the burial grounds for Muzaka, Rai, Raskreia and other invaders. In contrast to many other villains, however, he's clearly no scientist, forgetting to do the necessary research and referring to the original sources he based his 'declarations' on.

His typical villain laugh is stopped when his remaining underlings inform him about the death of Urne, Gayare, Uzhir (and his crew minus the small blue-haired werewolf) and the death of Dorant's entire crew... Maduke's face becomes unsightly.

Frankenstein taunts Maduke by telling him that the number of warriors have truly increased. Maduke grinds his teeth in frustration. (I want to see his reaction when he learns about the death of Titan and Ignes. Guess authors forgot them).

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