Rai continues to block a berserk Muzaka, much to Maduke's delight whilst their well-wishers watch with concern.

In a flashback Muzaka introduces Rai to Ashleen as he is his only friend but does not reveal her parentage. Later on, Ashleen thanks Rai for being Muzaka's friend and says that Muzaka likes his company.

Fast forward to the time when Rai stops Muzaka from slaughtering human race after Ashleen's murder: Muzaka is sad to see someone he cherished as a friend stopping him from exacting revenge. Rai is surprised to learn that Ashleen is Muzaka's daughter, but nevertheless, attempts to stop his rampage.

Back to present, Muzaka asks Rai if he is going to repeat what he had done earlier. Rai says yes and helps Muzaka come to sanity. Muzaka is guilt ridden about the way he brutalized Garda. The latter is severely injured and struggles to get back to her feet. Muzaka is thankful to Rai but comments that Rai is a fool to stop him when his physical condition is bad.

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