Kentas and Dorant arrive at the ruins of the castle and are shocked to see Garda fighting Muzaka. Muzaka continues to be on defensive side, hesitatant to attack his past loyal follower. Maduke acknowledges that it would be very hard for either of them to knock out a powerful warrior like Garda without killing her...

Maduke plays mind games with Muzaka by stating how  he is responsible for Garda's fate. Maduke and Zaiga had captured Garda with great difficulty centuries ago when she refused to accept Muzaka as a traitor. Afterwards she was used in cruel experiments.

Muzaka blames Maduke for Garda's condition but the latter proves otherwise by asking Garda's views. A brainwashed Garda replies that her condition is all thanks to Muzaka. She also blames him for the sufferings of his other loyal followers.

Muzaka starts losing his will to fight. Maduke states that Garda always trusted and protected Muzaka so it's obvious that it's his fault as she is paying for her loyalty to Muzaka. Maduke says that the only way to bring peace to Garda is if she kills Muzaka...

Muzaka remembers a flashback in which he was travelling around the world while ignoring his responsibilities. Garda finds him and accompanies him. During their travelling, Muzaka states that Garda should find a mate for herself. He wants her to settle down instead of wasting her time serving him. He even offers her help in finding a suitable mate, oblivious to Garda's feelings for him. Garda declines his offer and states that she wants to continue helping him.

Back in the present, Muzaka stops defending himself. He accepts death if it brings relief to Garda. Garda lands a fatal blow through his stomach.

Muzaka hugs her and apologizes. But it only enrages Garda who blast away a hole in Muzaka's stomach.

Kentas and Dorant are shocked by the turn of events while Maduke continues to enjoy the show. He remarks how stupid Muzaka is seeing that the current Garda is nothing but a puppet.

Muzaka falls down on ground with a hole in his stomach. Garda continues to seethe, however, tears trickle down her eyes...

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