Mirai is moaning in pain and she finds it unbelievable that her injuries are not healing. Tao and Takeo are sure that Frankenstein wants to fight for himself instead of doing it for Lunark. Lunark is dazed by Frankenstein's response of fighting for her. Frankenstein answers to Tao that the Dark Spear absorbed too much power recently so he has to remove some. Tao and Takeo think otherwise and believe that he just wants to have some fun.

Frankenstein, in his usual style, taunts Mirai and their battle starts again.


Raskreia examines the RK recruitment flyer.

Meanwhile, Tao tries to recruit new members for the 'Raizel Knights' by distributing pamphlets to Raskreia and Kei ... The pamphlets read "The world could always use more RKs (heroes)."

Mirai is easily defeated but before she could be killed, Juraki interferes and rescues her. He runs away along with Mirai.

Frankenstein doesn't pursue them. Rai remarks that Frankenstein has gotten stronger and the latter awkwardly credits it to Dark Spear's recent preys. Raskreia asks Rai his further plans now that he has rescued M-21. He answers that he plans to help Muzaka. Frankenstein pleads his master to not do so due to the latter's poor condition. However, Rai can't help but aid Muzaka as he owes him a debt. Raskreia, once again, decides to tag along with Rai by using Rozaria as an excuse.

Meanwhile, Rozaria is fully exhausted and is forced to use her soul weapon as a walking stick to plod through the woods. She wonders about her Lord and notes that she would be in peril if she encounters enemies in her current state.

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