Frankenstein ignores Mirai and Juraki, and questions the RK about their presence in the werewolves territory. Tao steps forward and explains that he has taken care of everything: before coming there, Tao impersonated Frankenstein and through a video conference call, fooled the faculty. He told them that he would be closing the school for 10 days for renewing the security features and other things. To make matters better (or worse) he even gave the faculty paid leave.

Back on island, Tao is bragging about how flawless his impersonation was. Takeo is sweating bullets and requests Tao to stop. Frankenstein complains of a headache.

Mirai is annoyed but Frankenstein continues ignoring her. He sees M-21 and Lunark. Frankenstein teases Lunark but M-21 informs him that she fought to protect him. Frankenstein expresses his surprise, however, Lunark dismisses it as a circumstantial decision. M-21 also tells Frankenstein that she had asked him to convey everything to him. Lunark is embarrassed so she hurls a stone at M-21.

Mirai has had enough and she complains about how everyone is ignoring them after invading their land. Frankenstein finally pays attention to her and states that she has been annoying him for awhile now. Tao says that they killed a companion of hers who looked just like her.

Mirai has had enough of Frankenstein's arrogance and decides to wipe out the grin on his face. She attacks him.

Obviously her attack fails and she acknowledges that he has some power but adds that there is little he could he alone. Frankenstein grins and the figures behind him are revealed: he isn't alone... Rai, Raskreia and the clan leaders have arrived as well.

Seira and Regis greet Raskreia by kneeling and calling her Lord. The werewolves are surprised about that. Juraki also concludes that Rai has a presence rivaling that of a Lord.

Tao and Takeo conclude that Rai has lost more of his life-force from his condition. Rai comes in front of M-21 and with a smile acknowledges that he is glad to see him safe. M-21 starts weeping...

Juraki tells Mirai to step aside. He wants them to retreat, but Mirai, who has lost her twin, disagrees.

Frankenstein taunts her further. She charges at Frankenstein head on and gets impaled by dark aura tentacles.

Frankenstein totally surprises a bemused Lunark by remarking casually that this time he will fight for her.

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