Juraki tells Lunark that she is in no condition to fight since she is yet to recover from the injuries she sustained in the previous fight. He reasons that humans who could not protect themselves from the wild have become strong enough to fight them and have invaded their land along with the nobles. Lunark states that it is ironical that they sacrificed their own race members to protect the race. She reveals that she and Kentas had always felt sorry for the warriors who accepted the new power since they desired to become stronger on their own, but now, she realizes that it was the Lord and his followers who were wrong from the start. As she gathers power to resume the fight, Juraki states that the outcome will not change especially since her condition has worsened. Lunark tells him that she intends to face her fate like a warrior. In a flashback, it is revealed that Juraki was the last warrior to embrace physical modification even though he was stronger than the modified warriors. Juraki agrees to grant Lunark her death wish and powers up. He seals the fight with a series of powerful punches. Mirai intervenes and starts to attack her viciously. She blames her for Urne's death and assures her that she will be used as a test subject, a fate worse than death. M-21 comes to Lunark's rescue and kicks her tormentor away. The RK prepare themselves for the upcoming fight but then an unexpected visitor comes: Frankenstein!  

Mirai is irked by the arrival of one more intruder and demands to know who he is. Frankenstein retorts that he felt a presence he shouldn't have and that he has little patience left.

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