Urne continues to moan in pain due to the dark whip attack of Tao. She is able to destroy the wires used by Tao but is then attacked by Takeo, who uses his incredible speed to overwhelm her along with his dark powers.

Meanwhile, M-21 is perplexed by the sudden turn of events and asks Tao "What are you guys doing here?" Tao says that was a stupid question to ask and replies that they came to save him. Tao rejoins the attack on Urne after giving M-21 the flagship mask of the Raizel Knights.

M-21 stands up and reflects that his friends' intention in coming there are obvious and that he would have done the same thing if anyone of them were in danger. He wears the mask and once again transforms into his werewolf form shocking Urne, who can't believe that he still has that much strength left.

The Raizel Knights have vast experience in fighting as a team. The modified trio take turns in facing Urne. Urne targets M-21 after repelling Tao and Takeo, however, M-21 dodges by leaping upwards. Urne is momentarily confused till she realizes that the move has exposed her to another attack... Regis charges at Urne with his soul weapon and destroys a part of her waist.

 Urne praises them but adds that their efforts were nowhere near enough to kill her as she displays her extraordinary regeneration ability. Tao reveals that their ambush aimed to engage her whilst the real attack is yet to come: M-21 soars into the sky and launches the wolf-phantom attack! Urne gapes in horror since the ability is very uncommon, even among the warriors. She has no time to think further as the behemoth descends upon her... The werewolf race loses another warrior.

Mirai realizes far too late, the fate of her sister. She lunges at M-21, but is stalled by Seira. The masked Raizel Knights take a stance to face their enemies.

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