A group of four people who are shrouded in darkness are about to reach their "target". They prepare themselves for the upcoming confrontation...

Elsewhere, M-21 is able to inflict some injuries on Urne due to her distraction as she is worried about her twin (Mirai) who is getting thrashed by Lunark. As is the pattern of story...Urne is angry and ashamed to get injured from the hands of human trash who is nothing but a copy of her race.

Lunark is able to defeat Mirai but before she could kill her...Juraki, the golden Knight comes to the rescue of his princess.

Urne is now able to concentrate on her battle after the arrival of her crush. She thrashes M-21 badly. M-21 feels apologetic as Rai and Frankenstein arrived here for his rescue but he is going to die.

Before Urne can kill M-21, she mysteriously gets cuffed by dark electrical wires and suffers from a high voltage attack.

M-21 is shocked by the sudden turn of events as this style of attack is used by.....

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