Garda continues to attack Muzaka and the latter is surprised seeing Maduke just revealed the truth about betrayal. It's revealed that Garda has long lost the function of her brain due to the brutal experiments she underwent. The current her is nothing but a puppet which was modified in order to face Muzaka... The original Garda's brain suffered heavy damages in the centuries she underwent cruel experiments. Muzaka is enraged when he learns that but could do nothing as Garda continues to attack him.

Meanwhile, the twins (Urne and Mirai) find Lunark a tough opponent. Lunark is no better condition thanks to the fact that she's facing two modified warriors at the same time. She tries to wipe out at least one of her opponents and launches her ultimate attack. Sadly, due to the repetitive energy-pattern of the attacks, it only inflicts moderate injuries on the twins who recover in no time. M-21 transforms and enters the battle.

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