Frankenstein informs Rai about the death of Ignes. Rai tells Frankenstein to move. Raskreia asks where he is going... She rephrases her question and asks why he came to the land of Werewolves in the first place. He answers that he came to save a person, an answer which surprises Raskreia. She tells Rai that she would go with him which surprises both, master and servant, along with the clan leaders.

She tells him she is only going with him in order to find Rozaria and not because she wants to help him (she blushes in this panel).

Meanwhile, Urne and Mirai chide Lunark (who is accompanied by M-21) for betraying their Lord by bringing Muzaka. Lunark mocks them for the destroyed castle which angers the twins.

They tell her to surrender and accept punishment from the Lord. They remind of her honor as a warrior. Lunark refutes them by telling it's them who have lost honor as they are using their own race members as experiments. The twins argue that it was for the sake of their race and doing it was their duty as warriors.

Lunark decides to buy time for Muzaka to save Kentas and Garda. She agrees to surrender(an act) and tells them that M-21 is useless so they should let him go. The twins have a good way of letting M-21 go: by killing him. Lunark blocks the Mirai's attack on M-21 and tells M-21 to go away. She also tells him to give her regards to Frankenstein signifying that she doesn't hope of surviving the upcoming battle.

The twins think Lunark is crazy to fight both of them at same time. Lunark mocks them by saying that fighting one of them would be too easy. The twins are angered beyond words.

Elsewhere, Muzaka tries to explain to Garda that he didn't betray the clan. He tells her about his long slumber but Garda doesn't believe him.

Maduke tells him that all of Muzaka's followers either disappeared or died which is the reason why everyone considers him a traitor. Muzaka is shocked by this but says he never killed any of them. Maduke says he knows that very well.

Maduke reveals that the werewolf warriors who followed Muzaka were used for building Titan and for other experiments which have brought werewolves power. Garda fought Maduke and his cronies until the very end. To punish her, Maduke used her as experiment specimen in torturous experiments for centuries. Maduke mockingly asks a shocked Muzaka if he could attack Garda after knowing the tortures she suffered due to him.

Muzaka gets angry and tries to attack Maduke but fails as Garda counterattacks him.

The chapter ends with Garda saying "How dare you try to attack Lord" signifying that Garda has been completely brainwashed by Maduke.

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