Far away, Raskreia and Kei notice the massive blasts created by Rai and Titan. Karias and Rael encounter them then(with Karias calling Raskreia "sister"). The two parties are surprised to see each other.

Karias starts to explain the reason for their presence but Raskreia tells him she will listen to his story later as her attention is drawn to the fight between Rai and an unknown entity.

Meanwhile, Ignes and the Titan are in excruciating pain courtesy of the unique skill used by Rai. Ignes feels as if something is trying to absorb her. It is revealed that Titan has the ability to evolve by fighting enemies: he grows resistance to Rai's attacks and shoots powerful beams which destroys Rai's momentum, nullifying his skill. Frankenstein is horrified that his premonition is proven to be correct; however, he is in no condition to help Rai.

Rai launches the blood phoenix, but Titan survives albeit with heavy injuries. Titan starts to regenerate rapidly. Ignes states that after recovering, he will become a lot stronger than before.

Rai says he will erase Titan' existence since he can regenerate from injuries. Thereafter, Rai uses an ability unbeknownst so far which annihilates Titan.

As Rai is about to fall onto the ground... Raskreia steps in and regrets being late.

Ignes decides to escape and dashes into the woods, making a note to herself to create a new being by using the knowledge she has gained and incorporating the one element she didn't in Titan. Frankenstein stalls her and tells her that he has no intention of letting her go.

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