Frankenstein is seething with anger and promises there will be no forgiveness for Ignes who has hurt his Master.

Ignes' injury starts hurting her but she brushes it off and thinks it will heal in no time. She calls Frankenstein a cocky guy and says that she's not her past self. She is confident she can easily heal an injury like that in no time as her enhanced regeneration is actually far more powerful than that of a werewolf.

Before she can brag any further, grim reality dawns on her. Her regeneration has massively decreased. Frankenstein grins and says that the Dark Spear couldn't influence her regeneration to such extent unless she based her entire modification career on the original research that was stolen from him.

Frankenstein calls her foolish for relying completely on his data without inventing something of her own. He had manipulated his research for just such a "worst case scenario" so that he could use it to his advantage.It is now apparent to both of them that the situation has arisen and that Ignes will not regenerate as she had expected.

Their battle starts with Ignes at a disadvantage due to her arm injury. Frankenstein overpowers her but before he can kill her, Titan interferes.

Ignes is surprised initially, but gleefully determines that Titan is still under her control and she orders him to kill Frankenstein. Frankensatin is exhausted and curses as he wanted to destroy Ignes before the monster interfered.

Titan, who is on his way to attack Frankenstein, stops midway as Rai summons his powers and stops him.

Rai apologizes to Frankenstein for showing a side of himself he probably shouldn't have and confesses that he liked the life he lived with him after his awakening from the long slumber- a life he wouldn't have seen In Frankenstein had not created it.. He smiles as he admits he grew fond of his current life without realizing it and wanted to live a little longer. However, he reassures those present he is satisfied with how things have turned out and doesn't mind dying.

A teary-eyed Rai mentions that Frankenstein is always in trouble, but his Master should not be the cause.

Frankenstein tries to stop his master but in vain as Rai goes all out and summons a powerful blood field after combusting his remaining life force. Rai is bleeding profusely from his eyes, nose, and mouth as he changes to his more formal Lukedonian Noblesse attire. The end of Ignes and Titan is near....along with Rai's.

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