Maduke contemplates seeing how Muzaka is faring against Titan, but then, Muzaka comes which surprises him as Maduke thought he was fighting Titan.

Maduke asks him who is fighting Titan. The surviving lackey of Zaiga whose arm was cut off by Raskreia comes to inform Maduke of Muzaka, only to notice Muzaka already being there. The lackey informs him that Zaiga is dead and he was killed by Muzaka after getting defeated by the nobles. Maduke says it fine and they will soon exterminate nobles from the world. The lackey says that the Lord of the nobles has arrived on werewolves' turf as well. Maduke thinks that it's probably Raskreia who is fighting Titan. But Muzaka disagrees as she was with him a short while ago. 

Muzaka says it's probably Raizel which shocks Maduke. He shouts and demands to know how could he bring the Noblesse here. Muzaka says that the fault was not his but Maduke's as he captured the human which brought Rai and that "bad tempered guy". This shocks Maduke, and the lackey wonders who the latter is. Maduke starts laughing and slyly states now that the gangs are all here he would wipe out the Noblesse along with nobles and Muzaka, even if, he has to suffer some losses.

Muzaka tells Maduke that his confidence has increased, probably due to physical modification. There is the usual line that the race has gotten stronger. Muzaka says that he wants to test his strength. But Maduke says that his opponent is not him after which Muzaka gets stabbed by Garda.

Garda is displeased to see the "traitor" who abandoned her calling by her name.  

Elsewhere, Ignes is surprised to see Rai is still alive (just barely). She cries after seeing the most elegant noble in such poor state and says he shouldn't show such side of his. She says she can't see him like this any longer and proceeds to take her leave. Her departure is cut short by the arrival of the devil who cuts off her arm and proceeds to angrily say:

"You crazy bitch. Where do you think you are going?"

Images from the ChapterEdit

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