The Chapter opens with a flashback: Maduke and Ignes Kravei stare at Titan, who is lying dormant in a giant experiment pod. Maduke introduces Titan, the experiment they had put everything in line for as not just any chimera, but a monster. He reveals that chimeras created by humans had inspired him to use body parts from members of his race to make the strongest being in existence. Ignes is shocked with the nature of research carried out by the werewolf clan and doubts that combining two bodies could yeild something stable. Maduke explains that it took them a very long time, and it was possible due to the resilience of his kind. Maduke admits using his kinsmen as experiment specimens and adds that they were able to keep up with humans in the field of physical modification since they could withstand extensive procedures. He corrects that Titan was not a combination of two bodies; it comprised of many werewolves. Ignes shudders at the thought of lives sacrificed in the trials and wonders if the Lord did the work himself. Maduke tells her that although they created it, they failed to awaken it, and its regeneration ability was the only thing keeping it alive. He tells her that she will be the one to resurrect him. Ignes hesitates to commit, but Maduke accuses her of hiding her abilities since experimenting on nobles, in addition to leading physical modification at the Union behind the scenes and working with Lagus Tradio made her unparalleled. With a malevolent grin, Ignes notes that he knows a lot about her.

Karias, Rael and Frankenstein are taken aback as the sudden energy gathered by Titan causes lightning and wonder what lies at its source. Frankenstein worries if his master is involved.

Raizel is unable to inflict any serious damage to Titan. Ignes tells him that she intends to release Titan in the human world, starting with where he lives and watch those dear to him die a dreadful death. This provokes Rai to unleash more power and attack Ignes. Titan tries to punch Rai from behind but is pushed back as Rai counterattacks. Thereafter, the monster takes flight and lets out several energy beams that alarm Rai and Ignes. After being put in the range of attack, Ignes concludes that a rushed specimen can not be controlled and decides to leave before Titan mistakes her for an enemy. She attacks Rai with her soul weapon as a parting gift. Rai, who is blocking a concentrated beam gets stabbed and loses his concentration. His force field shatters and an explosion occurs as the energy beam strikes.

Images from the ChapterEdit

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