Dorant regains consciousness and is surprised to see Kentas. The latter explains to him that it was thanks to Muzaka that he is still alive. Dorant remembers some sweet memories of his former Lord. Dorant asks Kentas about Muzaka. Kentas says that he went to rescue Garda which shocks Dorant for he believed she was executed by Maduke for betraying their race. Kentas says that he is not surprised that Dorant isn't aware of this as he only focused on gaining strength.

Meanwhile, Muzaka finds the lab where Garda is confined and used as an experiment specimen by the race she tried hard to protect. He learned from Kentas that she is suffering the cruel fate of a specimen from centuries ever since the disappearance of Muzaka after his supposed betrayal. Confined and used for brutal experiments... A fate far worse than death.

Muzaka blames himself for Garda's current state. He rescues her and promises revenge on Maduke.

Meanwhile, Ignes is shocked to see Rai being so broken. (one wing missing). She says that she is disappointed and ashamed to see him in such sorry state. She tells him just to die.

The fight between Rai and Titan continues with the latter being trapped in blood field. Ignes says it's impossible for Titan to be defeated so easily as she modified the chimera of werewolves with the data obtained from human technology, her experiments on nobles...and the recent cruel experiments on werewolves. She agrees that she wasn't able to make him perfect (as she wished to include one more thing in Titan) due to time constraints but still he should be the strongest organism on Earth.

Her words are proven true when Titan rips apart the blood field in his modified form. The aura of his new form startles everyone on the Werewolf territory.

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