Ignes is impressed with the power displayed by Titan and orders him to gift eternal sleep to Rai. She is taken aback when Rai gets injured by a single attack. Rai remains at a disadvantage, and soon, he is overpowered. Watching Rai struggle, Ignes deduces that he was in a precarious condition from the start. She mocks him for the state he has been reduced to and for being so reckless just for the sake of a human.

Elsewhere, M-21 is shocked when Lunark informs him that the great Noblesse, along with Frankenstein, has come to rescue him. She reveals it was because of the fear of the Noblesse that the werewolves never dared to wage a war on the nobles in their quest for world dominance; the loss to their race would have been too great. M-21 is saddened to hear this as he remembers Franky's explanation that Rai exhausts his life force each time he uses his power. This had lead him to realize the price of his awakening, and he blames himself for compelling Rai to use his power again.

Lunark tells M-21 that she knew he could transform into something similar to her kind but fails to see anything special about him. She demands to know his relationship with Rai for him to come to the land of WWs without any hesitation. Because according to her, no matter how strong Rai is, he would surely be risking his life in the land of werewolves where the WW Lord and warriors reside.   

When asked about his relationship with Rai...M-21 remembers a flashback: Rai asks Franky if they were a family. The children had told him that they were happy to see Rai having a large family. Rai reflects that he is beginning to understand what a family is, even though it's not related by blood.

M-21 solemnly answers Lunark that they live together... that's it. Lunark tells him to answer her seriously seeing that she just saved his ass. M-21 then tells her that according to Rai they are a family which shocks Lunark.  

Meanwhile, an exhausted Rai turns into his blood wings form though one of his wing is missing .

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