Frankenstein finds his consciousness trapped inside the realm of Dark Spear. Frankenstein wonders how he got absorbed in there. A flashback clears the things: when Dorant and Frankenstein were fighting, Dark Spear had remained docile to catch him off-guard and prevented him blocking Dorant's attack. The sudden attack by Dark Spear resulted in the loss of battle for Frankenstein against Dorant.

At present, Frankenstein is attacked by the angry souls in the dark realm. Countless souls (belonging to the Dark Spear's previous victims and sacrifices) shower malice on Frankenstein, who is the only one to have withstood the Spear's power. He is nearly consumed by Dark Spear but Rai interferes through their telepathy by asking him if he can continue to rely on his loyal servant to cover his back as he tries to rescue M-21. Frankenstein answers in positive and overpowers the consuming power of Dark Spear.

Frankenstein gains control over himself and apologizes to Rai for making him worry. He requests his master to entrust the responsibility till the end. A smiling Rai tells his loyal servant that he would continue to believe in him, and resumes the search for M-21.

Dorant and the clan leaders are surprised to see Frankenstein back on his feet. Frankenstein tells that he was busy consoling his lover and tells the clan leaders to back off as he wants to settle his fight with Dorant himself.

Dorant is rather annoyed on Frankenstein's arrogance and vows never to have Frankenstein get back on his feet again by smashing 'that obnoxious aura'. Their battle resumes with Dark Spear hindering the regeneration ability of Dorant. The epic battle is on its way to climax!

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