The chapter begins with Muzaka transforming with a blast of energy. The indigo werewolf, the werewolf with green fur and bandaged arms, and Uzhir undergo a second transformation, something Muzaka correctly concludes, was gained by the experiments. Uzhir is confident that although Muzaka led them in the past, they will succeed in defeating him because of the new power, but admits that they will need to gang up against him. Initially, Muzaka remains defensive, prompting the the timid blue-haired werewolf to cheer for his side and call him a remnant of the past. The tables turn in the next moment. Muzaka swiftly defeats the indigo werewolf and the werewolf with the green fur. Uzhir launches energy beam from behind when Muzaka is about to finish off the green-furred werewolf. The energy beam strikes Muzaka and prevents him from killing the green-furred werewolf. Muzaka throws the green furred werewolf at Uzhir and stalls him. Muzaka takes advantage of the momentary distraction to launch a powerful attack. Muzaka's final attack brings Uzhir to his knees and wipes off the existence of the green-furred werewolf. Muzaka tells Uzhir that except him, the other warriors were thrash, unworthy of their titles. The blue-haired werewolf is shocked by the one sided battle since Maduke had assured them that they were capable of capturing Muzaka and staggers back fearfully. Kentas too, is awestruck by the power of their former Lord.

Muzaka bitterly questions the vanquished warriors if everything that just transpired was a result of the sacrifices made by their clan.

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