Rael gazes into the horizon sadly as he remembers his departed brother. Karias lands behind him and tells him that Rajak would have been proud of him before he asks him to buy some time for him before running away, casually stating that he just stopped by because Kertia clan leader was exceptionally talented, leaving Rael confused. Rael turns back to find Braang in his modified form, charging at him. He dodges most of the werewolf's attacks but is eventually hit. Karias appears above the two and after thanking Rael, tells his fellow clan leader to get away as fast as he can since he is launching his most powerful attack. He gathers a vast amount of energy and shoots a gigantic arrow that kills Braang. After the opponent was dealt with, Rael appears beside Karias and tells the Blerster Clan leader that he thought he was going to die. Before he can ask for an explanation, Karias tells Rael that they should get going.

Meanwhile, the blue-haired werewolf is still reeling from the injury Rai had inflicted. Muzaka tells the Warriors that although he is inclined to go on a rampage, he will ask them whether Maduke and the 'warriors' were really using their kinsmen as test subjects. Uzhir confesses that is how they made their race stronger and, the blue faced werewolf dismisses his reason for returning as petty. Muzaka is angered by the latter's callousness but Uzhir retorts that he knew the matter will not be resolved by words and reminds him that he is no longer their Lord, but a traitor who abandoned them long ago. Suddenly, the blue faced werewolf attacks him and states that as of now he is just their prey. The bellicose warriors gang up on their former Lord after failing to tackle him individually (the blue-haired werewolf still out of commission), worrying Kentas who is still battle-worn. Muzaka gets pushed back and agrees that further talks are unnecessary.

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