The chapter begins with the encounter between Ignes and Lunark at the lab. Ignes tells Lunark that she should have left quietly when she did not find Kentas instead of making things difficult for herself by doing something so reckless. Lunark remains silent and tensed. Ignes offers to spare her provided she leaves her 'property'(M-21) and sarcastically adds that she pities her since she was has been abandoned by her race. Lunark is angered by Ignes' words, and regrets being put to such a humiliating position because she was trying to maintain a low profile, but decides now no more. She attacks Ignes and tells her to face her instead of spouting nonsense.

Elsewhere, Krano is severely wounded from Rael's previous attack. The werewolf acknowledges that the strength of clan leaders indeed rivals theirs' but declares that was a thing of the past because they have embraced the new power. Krano starts using the powers he gained from the physical enhancement experiments. To Rael's disbelief, his opponent's injuries heal quickly and his aura becomes stronger. Krano warns him that their race has become stronger unlike the nobles who live in the past and will fall in obscurity. He boasts that the speed for which the Kertia Clan prides itself will now be of no consequence. His new powers make him both faster and stronger than Rael who wonders if things would have been different if it was his brother but then he remembers his departed brother's words. Rajak had instructed Rael to not set him, the clan leader, as his ideal and assume that it is natural for him to be weaker. He further explained that all living beings unintentionally limit their growth by looking up to those stronger than them. Rajak concluded the conversation by telling him to that he can surpass him if he strives and to have faith in himself.

The memory helps Rael regain his confidence. He resolves to outpace his enemy and starts increasing his speed drastically. While carrying out a blitz, Rael tells the werewolf that they have a misconception about nobles and strikes the fatal blow in a flash as he states that they too have become stronger. The smoke clears to reveal the Kertia clan leader unmasking himself and looking into the horizon.

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