Karias' previous attack has burned his opponents' hair. He apologizes to Braang for making him bald and asks if his regeneration ability can regrow his hair. Braang loses his temper and tries to kill Karias but fails. Karias launches another powerful energy arrow and this time it's aimed at his opponent's eye...

Krano has lost track of Rael's movements. He catches few glimpses of the young clan leader and starts getting cocky, but then Rael increases his speed and launch multiple attacks on Krano.

Elsewhere, Kentas is startled by Muzaka arrival. He is surprised to learn that Lunark brought Muzaka here to save him.

The Warriors remark that Muzaka came along with Lunark as their Lord had predicted, and that the traitors even brought a noble to their land... Muzaka states that he didn't "bring" the noble but he came for his own reasons.

Muzaka enquires about the human (M-21). Kentas deduces that the Noblesse has come to rescue M-21. He tells Rai that both he and M-21 escaped captivity but Ignes recaptured M-21.

Rai is shocked that Ignes is in the werewolf territory. Kentas tells Rai to go to the place from where smoke is coming to find Ignes (they destroyed the lab when they escaped...).

Rai is about to depart but the timid blue haired werewolf intervenes. He declares that Rai can't leave this place. Rai tells him to move aside but of course the werewolf doesn't agree. He scowls and asks why would he step aside just because he asked him. He calls him dumb.

Muzaka also tells the timid wolf to get aside. The timid wolf gets angry and says that a traitor has no right to order him. Muzaka corrects him: He wasn't ordering him. He was advising him for his own good as he doesn't know who he is facing.

The ignorant werewolf refuses to pay heed.  A moment later, he is overpowered by Rai without getting a chance to attack. The Warriors are dumbstruck by the pressure from Rai's aura.

Uzhir concludes that Rai is the Noblesse. 

Rai takes his leave, and the former werewolf Lord asks the Warriors if they should get down to business...

Rai is on his way but he bleeds from his mouth. After wiping the blood, Rai says "Ignes..." 

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