Ignes Kravei is impressed with Kentas as the latter can still stand even after her experiments and his fight with Gayare. Gayare is irritated by Ignes' presence and he basically tells Ignes to f*ck off. When she refuses, Uzhir (a red skinned werewolf) stops Gayare from fighting with Ignes. He reminds him that she is doing an important work under their Lord's instruction. Uzhir also tell Ignes to not interfere as the matter is between warriors. Ignes, thinking it's better to leave(she notices that the other 4 warriors are not happy with her presence either) and let them settle their score of sanctimonious pride, takes M-21 with her back to her lab, intending to take all her stresses out on him. Kentas shouts for her to stop but she's already gone with her captive.

Gayare mocks Kentas for showing such feelings for a human 'trash'. Kentas says that 'the trash' is better than them seeing how they are doing what the greedy humans do: killing their own kind for their own benefits and even justifying their deeds. M-21, on the other hand, even though he was a different species from them, mourned the unjustly victimized lesser werewolves. The surrounding warriors are amused and one of them wonders if Kentas is right in mind. When Gayare accuses Kentas of defending a human over his clan, Kentas mocks and denounces them that they no longer are members of the clan.

Gayare is clearly aggravated, and he asks Kentas if he believes that he has shown him the limit of his powers. Gayare then further uses the power he got from physical enhancement and the battle starts, with the intention of killing Kentas, regardless of Maduke's orders. Gayare isn't able to overpower Kentas though Gayare believes that Kentas' struggle would last only for few moments.

Kentas, reinvigorated by the desire to best unscrupulous Gayare who obtained his current power at the bloody expense of their kinsmen, starts to repel Gayare much to the shock of other 4 warriors.

Meanwhile, another group of four werewolf warriors (Gorma, Krano, Dorant, Braang) are on their way to intercept Muzaka. They sense incoming dark energy and dodge it. The owner of the energy calmly greets them. The Warriors are confused as he's not Muzaka. Noting that the Warriors seem busy, the devil politely asks them: "Where is my kid?"

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