Ignes Kravei is shown bringing the two werewolf researchers, who had released Kentas and M-21 from captivity before Maduke. She states that in order to exonerate herself, she has brought the proof for all to see. Just as an enraged Maduke is about to do something unspeakable to the researchers, Ignes proposes that they be used for experimentation: not that it matters much. Suddenly, a defeaning explosion is heard from the direction of labs.

Kentas and M-21 destroy the labs in the werewolf fortress, then make their escape. Although recovering, both are still far from their top physical shape. After exchanging dialogues of trust and camaraderie, Kentas and M-21 decide to part and go separate ways. Before he can go further, werewolf warriors under Maduke's order quickly catch up to him. Kentas desperately attempts to buy M-21 some time but he is facing against four werewolf warriors in his exhausted state. Kentas reasons with his former comrades but his appeals fall on deaf ears. So his fight commences with one of the warriors named Uzhir, with Kentas slowly losing ground. Gayare intervenes the duel then, expressing his intention to fight Kentas and settle their differences at where they stand.

Sadly, M-21 does not go very far either: for he runs into Ignes Kravei. Although curious at how a mere human guinea pig can progress as far as M-21, Ignes' curiosity turns to anger when she effortlessly stops M-21's punch attack with a single grab. Furious that a guinea pig(and a human at that) would dare lay a hand on her body, Ignes uses her power to wrap an aura rope around M-21's arm and proceeds to press it out so hard that blood splatters out of his arm.

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