The chapter starts with a flashback. Kentas meets Lunark and questions her whether she knows that they have been using members of their own race for experiments. The 5th Elder answers that she has thought about it being the case since obtaining and studying the human technology is not enough. The research they had will not produce the same results for werewolves so she assumes that a sacrifice has been made to produce more results compatible with werewolves, and now most of their family members have already been physically enhanced. Kentas is shocked with the revelation that Maduke has really been using members of the werewolf race for experiments. He suddenly realizes that that is the reason why he accepted the Kravei clan leader. Lunark confirms this, stating that their Lord needed her abilities for research. Kentas takes it that Ignes will be put in charge of the research and experiments. Finally, he says that he's going to have to meet him. Lunark becomes nervous wondering whether Kentas will actually look for their former Lord, Muzaka.

Back to the present, Kentas allows M-21 to follow him after the latter states that they only focus on their jobs (M-21 on guard duty and Kentas on his search for Muzaka) and destroys his communication device. Juraki and Gayare continues to secretly monitor Kentas.

Thirty-four hours after M-21 destroys his communication device, Tao report the loss of communication to Frankenstein and Rai. He adds that they confirmed that he has left the area they are guarding and Takeo has left to check his last known location. Frankenstein ponders over the report while Rai stays quiet. Tao further adds that footage from security cameras do not show any signs of a fight and the KSA has not detected anything either.

M-21 continues to follow Kentas while starting to wonder whether the werewolf is just roaming around aimlessly. Finally, Kentas stops and asks M-21 whether anyone from his clan has been in the area recently. He learns from M-21 that Muzaka comes to South Korea very often. M-21 in turn learns that his presence in his transformed state is similar to that of a werewolf.

Seeing no change in Kentas' movements, Juraki and Gayare decides its time to bring Kentas to their Lord.

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