Kentas is seen reporting to Maduke in his throne room, confronting the werewolf Lord regarding Garda's captivity in the laboratory. Kentas asks whether Maduke knew about it. Although Maduke says nothing, Kentas intuitively realizes Maduke does. Kentas requests an explanation as to why the supposed traitor is alive when it was told by Maduke that the werewolf lord personally 'took care' of her. Maduke justifies his action by claiming Garda a traitress and there is nothing wrong with a traitress being sacrificed for their race and be experimented on. Kentas becomes disillusioned with Maduke as the latter doesn't hesitate to use a member of his own race as an experiment and comes to believe that their race is becoming like the humans who don't hesitate to sacrifice their own kind to satisfy their greed for power.

Maduke then quickly changes the subject and demands an explanation from Kentas as to why he entered the lab without permission. Kentas immediately apologizes. Maduke makes it clear that under normal circumstances he would have been punished but due to the current crisis occurring in the werewolf clan and Kentas' dedication for the clan he is to be spared just this once. Maduke then sends Kentas away and instructs him to wait for further orders. After Kentas is out of Maduke's sight, he summons another werewolf, Juraki, to keep an eye on Kentas.

Meanwhile back in Frankenstein's house, Shinwoo, Ikhan, Yuna and Suyi are discussing the incident regarding Shinwoo's run-in with delinquents at the PC room, which had become public at the Yeran High. Although Ikhan and Shinwoo blame the delinquents for the incident, Suyi argues that because the boys had a fight with them, the bullies wanted to take revenge on the two, and other Ye Ran students ended up getting caught in the crossfire so the two boys are not 100% innocent. Suyi accuses Ikhan and Shinwoo additionally for being late on the grocery errand for over 2 hours. Feeling cornered, Shinwoo asks Rai for his opinions in an attempt to divert from Suyi's accusation but Rai remains clueless of what Shinwoo is talking about. Tao is commenting on Shinwoo's happy argument with Suyi as the boy is totally oblivious to the close call he just had in previous chapter. Takeo assures Tao that it is for the best that Shinwoo doesn't know.

Kentas tries to find Muzaka in South Korea but his plans are disturbed as M-21 follows him. Kentas warns him as he doesn’t wish to create a scene and alert Maduke but M-21 repeatedly ignores his warning which aggravates Kentas.

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