Aris is impressed by Shinwoo and she decides to use him as her experiment specimen. However, she grows impatient and decides to kill the delinquents as they are still lingering in the area.

Her happy time is disturbed by the arrival of Yuri and Mark. Yuri tells her that Dr. Crombel doesn't wish to create any scene in this country and tells her to leave. Aris protests and tells her that something happened to her in this country though she can't remember it well. Yuri, clearly aware that they are on a hostile territory agrees with her demand to pick Shinwoo as a specimen to pacify her. Before they can proceed, M-21 enters the scene.

Aris remembers M-21 as a "failed and disposable" experiment. Yuri changes his mind and informs M-21 that they are leaving. M-21 reminds him that they weren't supposed to be in this area to begin with due to the truce between Crombel and Frankenstein. Yuri tells him that while they agreed to not cause any trouble, there was no deal which said that they can't move in this area.

Aris is enraged as she is forced to leave a potentially valuable specimen due to a "failed and disposable" experiment. M-21 continues to provoke them. Yuri believes confidently they can easily defeat M-21 as Dr. Crombel increased their powers recently, and not to mention M-21 was always defeated by them in the past. M-21 was mildly amused and further provokes them by daring them to killing him. Yuri's smirk distorts upon hearing this.

They change the location and Dr. Aris decides to teach "trash" agent a lesson. She changes into her nano suit and launches an energy blast on M-21. Aris, Mark and Yuri believes that the attack was too strong and most likely M-21 is dead. As the smoke clears, they are shocked beyond words as they see M-21 in his more 'evolved' Werewolf form!

Dr. Aris launches energy whip on him but M-21 catches the whip and brings her to him. He punches her in the guts and she falls down on the ground... unconscious!

Yuri launches a powerful energy beam which M-21 blocks with his hand. Yuri is shocked to see such strength from a failed experiment. Before he could think further, M-21 is already on him and launches a frontal attack on him which leaves him unconscious! Mark, now left alone, is visibly scared by the power of M-21 as the latter gives a powerful roar!

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