Students from Ye Ran High School are assaulted by a members of a delinquent group who are trying to find a certain Ye Ran student as a bet. They take photos of their victims and send them to the punter to confirm whether they have a match but they don't. The delinquents move around and victimize other students in search of the wanted guy.

Meanwhile, Shinwoo is lying on a couch when feels his hunger and decides to go to a convenience store. He goes outside and encounters some of the delinquents looking for him. The rest of the group arrive and they all confront the Ye Ran student.

The delinquents form a group to teach Shinwoo a lesson but they are no match for him. Dr. Aris who was in the vicinity sees the squabble and is impressed by Shinwoo. She takes an unhealthy liking to use him as a test subject.

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