Frankenstein discusses the situation regarding Union with Tao, Takeo and M-21; Tao informs him that the Union is in internal tumult but is not making any external moves. They decide to be vigilant just in case. Frankenstein asks Tao about his Master to which he replies that he's with the children. Tao notices that Rai is less livelier than he used to be. Frankenstein agrees with concern.

Rai along with the children are on their way to home. The children too, are concerned that Rai doesn't look so good so they intend to prepare some nutritious meals for him. Suyi and Yuna grow suspicious having send Shinwoo and Ikhan to buy groceries, in which Shinwoo and Ikhan eagerly complied (a bit too eager) and rushed to the store. Both girls wonder if the two boys had something else in mind...

Their suspicion is confirmed when, although both Shinwoo and Ikhan bought the listed groceries like they were supposed to, they decide to have a little fun at the PC Gaming Room. As they play enthusiastically, they attract the unwanted attention of a delinquent group with vulgar attitude when he's successively lost by them in the game. The delinquents take them outside and tries to bully them but sadly they picked the wrong targets: Shinwoo easily defeats them!

But the beat-up bully is far from admitting defeat...

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