Rai overpowers Edian who falls unconscious down on the ground. The Werewolves are scared as the situation keeps on turning worse for them. As Rai gives a soft sigh, Raskreia tenses up knowing that Rai is draining his life force with every passing second in the battle.

Frankenstein is enraged as the enemies are forcing his Master to use his powers and thus reduce his life force. Frankenstein tells Gradeus to die soon as he has no time to waste. Gradeus is shocked as Frankenstein's power keeps on increasing. Frankenstein allows the Dark Spear to consume him in order to gain power so that he could kill Gradeus and them help his Master. Gradeus is constantly being pushed back and he finds it unbelievable. Frankenstein taunts him for being overpowered so easily and wonders aloud if this was the reason why Gradeus and others ganged up on Rajak. Frankenstein knocks Gradeus down and asks him if he can't believe that he is getting his ass kicked by him. Frankenstein tells him that he has vast battle experience but Gradeus find it unbelievable as he himself has vast battle experience. Frankenstein makes fun of him and asks how can a clan leader who had strong powers from the very beginning know what Frankenstein, a human, has experienced. Frankenstein launches dark tentacles like attack as a payback for Rajak and the destroyed mansion. As Frankenstein is about to launch the finishing blow Lagus intervenes and saves Gradeus.

Lagus laughs and says that everything has gone far beyond his expectations. He never expected that Frankenstein will be so powerful or that Rai will have his powers restored. He takes out Blood Stone and tells that he wanted to study it carefully before using it but now he has no choice. He stabs himself with the Blood Stone to fuse with it and the resulting fusion gives him a vast amount of power. Raskreia and Gejutel are shocked to see Blood Stone in the hands of Lagus. Gejutel states that Blood Stone is a cursed artifact which no one should possess as it makes it owners into insane beings who thirst for power. In the past Blood Stone has taken the lives of many nobles and Rai was forced to kill his elder brother!

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