Lagus and the others make fun of Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia because they believe that the Noblesse is not behind them and that her action is nothing but a trick used by their opponents. Lagus mocks the Lord for using such a desperate trick and not keeping her dignity during hard times. However, as Lagus is about to use his powers he feels something and looks behind as Rai mutters his apologies for being late. The enemies are shocked to see that the Noblesse is now actually behind them.

The enemies are scared and most of them tremble just from seeing Rai. Rai asks Raskreia to step back and allow him to carry out his duty as the Noblesse. Frankenstein requests his master to allow him to help. Lagus regains his calm and greets Rai. He expresses his surprise when he heard that Rai was alive even after using most of his life force in the fight with Muzaka 820 years ago. Lagus mocks Rai by saying that his presence no longer scares anyone as he is probably on the verge of death after fighting Muzaka and executing three former clan leaders. Lagus launches his most powerful red tentacles attack yet and everyone who witness is surprised by Lagus' power as they realize that he was hiding his true powers in his battle with the Lord. As the smoke clears, Lagus is surprised that Rai isn't harmed at all.

Rai tells Lagus and the rest of invaders to use everything they have got when facing him and that he himself would use everything he has when fighting with his enemies. Edian seems confused when Rai calls her an enemy. Rai uses Blood Field and everyone is surprised by the sheer power of Blood Field as they believe that a weakened Rai shouldn't have enough life force left to use such strong powers. Rai uses telekinesis and applies pressure on Lagus whose body starts getting crushed. He shouts for the others to help him by attacking Rai. Gradeus is stopped by Frankenstein. As the battle progresses, Mount is easily overpowered and Drakon is brought to his knees by Rai!

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