For a while, Rai contemplates the wreckage which was once his mansion. Then he tells Frankenstein to go (to join the battle) first as he needs to check something by himself. He also permits Frankenstein to remove the seal restricting his powers. With a bow, Frankenstein leaves to execute his master's order.

Rai then walks into the remains and finds his way to a chamber. With its heavy doors flung open and wrecked, he finds that even the interiors did not escape destruction. Rai walks towards a risen platform, which holds the form of a coffer. He gives a stern look as he could not find what he sought and a flashback reveals the item. Hundreds, or perhaps, thousands of years ago, a powerful figure gave Raizel an artefact to seal away in his mansion: the Blood Stone. The stone, created from desires of long time, holds such power to allure anyone that even its owner found it hard to resist longing for it. He passed it to Raizel, who has no crave of power and as such, not likely to get attracted to it. He also made it clear to Raizel that no one must know of the existence of that stone. From then on, the stone has been sealed inside Rai's mansion, until recently. Rai stands in the empty chamber - the stone that he was entrusted with, was gone.

In the battle that is raging between the Lord and the traitors, Raskreia is clearly at a disadvantage, having to worry about the injured clan leaders as well as fight three powerful ex-clan leaders at the same time. Lagus comments with irony how his mist was supposed to affect the Lord but is taking toll on the wounded instead. The mist is poison itself and anyone within it will be poisoned. He adds that gradually even the Lord will feel the pain. The noble Lord swings her sword at Lagus but he dodges the blow with ease, aiming his vines next. Raskreia evades the attack. Drakon observes how strong Lagus is and realizes why their Lord (Maduke) has been concious and cautious of them for a long time. Gradeus then charges to a frontal attack which the Lord fends off. Her her concentration shifts to Gejutel who is struggling with pain and she almost falls prey to Edian's attack. But the Lord holds her ground and whips up another Blood Field, this time, dispelling the Blood Mist. Lagus compliments her, acknowledging that she truely is a Lord as she has managed to break his spell. Then he aims his vines at the wounded. The Lord quickly defends her followers. Edian makes her move again. Meanwhile, Mount gets eager to participate but Drakon, despite realizing that they can defeat the Lord if they join the fight, decides to stay clear so that the traitors may receive more damage. The Lord appears to be gradually wearing out, having to counter the vicious attacks of Gradeus and Edian as well as protect her precious clan leaders from Lagus. A simultaneous clash follows and Gradeus thanks Lagus for the opportunity as he is finding the battle very much amusing. As the impact clears, the noble Lord is revealed with slashes across her outfit, catching for breadth while her loyal clan leaders can only but observe with anxiety.

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