The Lord finally receives the news of the traitor clan leaders' return to Lukedonia. Ludis' subordinate announces that the Mergas Clan leader is currently fighting Gradeus. Rozaria remains skeptical since there were no warnings received from the barrier about intruders. The Central Order knight says he has no idea why there were none and states that many of the knights had been killed by Gradeus. He adds that Ludis asked him to report to the Lord since the clan leader is fighting intruder at present. Rozaria states that she may have to go and help Ludis but the knight eagerly announces that he will gather more knights to help Ludis instead. The Lord resolutely declares that the Central Order will stay out of that battle confusing Rozaria. The Lord explains that the enemies are former clan leaders who even the current clan leaders will have difficulty fighting and she does not want to lose the knights in vain. The knight tries to object but the Lord is steadfast with her decision. She commands Rozaria go and to help Ludis. The Lord then orders the knight to tell the other family leaders and make sure that the rest of the nobles stay safe, stressing the fact that Gradeus surely did not break into Lukedonia all by himself.

Right on cue, the scene shifts to Lagus Tradio's visit to Gejutel. The traitor tells his old friend that he is going to make Lukedonia his which prompts Gejutel to declare the traitor's insanity. However, Lagus rebuts this statement. He tells Gejutel that Lukedonia has become too weak since they have shifted the balance of power in the world. He explains to the confused Landegre that the strong has always controlled the weak and this is the actual balance of the world. He asks whether Gejutel has never thought of it that way. Lagus questions why the nobles have the strongest power in the world, whether there really is no reason. He asks why they cannot use their powers as they please, mirroring Gradeus' earlier statement regarding his betrayal. Lagus adds that the humans now rule the world despite being weak before. Lagus then concludes that he will now follow the order of the world, deciding to liver longer and desire more power. Gejutel asks what his plan is. Lagus answers that he will change Lukedonia and then rule the world, adding that he will show Gejutel the start of this plan.

Meanwhile, Drakon continues to battle Kei Ru in a close-range combat. As a spectator, Kaiyo observes that Drakon slowly overpowers his opponent even though the gap between their powers is very small. She believes that the gap will get bigger since Drakon now has an extremely fast regenerative ability that he owes to their Lord. Drakon confidently tells Kei that the noble has met the wrong opponent since the cuts and wounds Kei delivers are meaningless to him. Kei acknowledges that his opponent's regenerative ability is quite inconvenient to him. Drakon tries to punch Kei's face with his right arm but his fist seems to go through the noble. In truth, Kei ducks to avoid the attack and intensifies his own attack, punching holes on Drakon's right arm. The perforations grow back right away, allowing Kei to see how fast his opponent's regenerative ability is. The Ru Clan leader further observes that the ability seems to be not Drakon's originally. This statement infuriates Drakon who tries to attack while his opponent's back is turned. However, Kei counterattacks, this time punching holes on the right side of Drakon's body. Kei looks back and tells the werewolf that he has weak points since he has been relying on a power that is not his from the start.

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