In the living room of Frankenstein's house, Regis explains the situation to Tao, Takeo and M-21 while Seira quietly listens. Tao repeats his understanding of the situation in which Rael's awakening could only mean that something happened to his older brother. As he takes in the meaning of the completion of Rael's soul weapon, Regis' voice trails off. Tao then worriedly asks about Gejutel since Regis has received the Landegre Clan soul weapon but Regis explains that his situation is different - the weapon he received isn't complete, proof that his grandfather remains alive. The RK-5 comes to the conclusion that Rajak must have passed away.

Meanwhile, the traitor clan leaders and the werewolves have successfully gotten inside Lukedonia's grounds. According to information they received, there remains only three young clan leaders that serve the Lord so they decide to face those three before facing the Lord. Drakon wonders how they will find the said clan leaders but Lagus simply tells him that they will make the three come to them. At that moment, Knights of the Central Order find the intruders and demands their identities. Mount plainly states his name while Lagus introduces himself as the former leader of the Tradio Clan. As the Central order knights realize that they are the traitors, Gradeus rushes in and attacks them. The knights fall unconscious to the ground with Gradeus scoffing at their weakness. Lagus decides to take the knights with an unknown skill which leads Mount, who was watching with Drakon, to call the elderly noble as a scary grandpa. Gradeus then announces that they should split up since there's no need to stay together to attract the attention of the clan leaders. The werewolves concur and the infiltrators head off to start their plan.

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