The battle between Rajak and Kuharu continues after Rajak gets his focus back. Rajak twirls Kartas on his hands before charging towards his opponent to slash his neck. Kuharu agilely dodges the attack by bending his neck. They proceed to exchange a series of high-speed attacks to which they acquire small wounds. The Kertia Clan Leader then shows his dopplegangers which piques the spectators' interests. However, because they are both speed-type fighters, Kuharu also reveals to have this ability and happily remarks his similarities to his opponent. Rajak's next attack surprises the spectators as he releases what looks like a colony of bats towards Kuharu. The bat-like attacks slashes Kuharu and follows him even while attacking the clan leader. Kuharu retains a defensive stance as he realizes that Rajak's speed keeps on increasing. The spectators also notice this while Kuharu finds it unbelievable when he is the fastest fighter in his family. He releases a flame-like attack which apparently engulfs his opponent. Rajak, however, suddenly appears behind the werewolf and asks him whether that was the extent of his skill. In retaliation, Kuharu swipes a large attack at Rajak while admitting that the clan leader is superior in speed. He adds that this doesn't mean that the noble has won their fight but he suddenly acquires a large wound which runs from his right shoulder going downwards. He shouts for his opponent to show himself just as the spectators realize that Rajak has hidden his presence. Rajak continues to slash at Kuharu while Lagus asks Gradeus if he can feel where the young clan leader is. To this, a dumbfounded Gradeus comments that even Ragar wasn't at this level of skill and reluctantly concludes that Rajak has surpassed his father.

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