Muzaka stands alone under a tree, breathing in the night air when Crombel approaches him. He has come to inform about Maduke's plan - the werewolves are on the move to attack Lukedonia. This news seems incredulous to Muzaka. He wonders if Maduke is in his right mind intending to fight the most powerful race in world. Crombel reminds him that things have undergone many change during these hundreds of years - the previous noble Lord has died, his successor is rumored of not being so capable, some ex-clan leaders have betrayed and joined forces with the Union and werewolves, the new clan leaders aren't much battle-experienced and currently there are only four clan leaders in Lukedonia. The werewolves and traitors have seized this opportunity to launch an attack. Hearing all this, Muzaka decides he needs a long breather and departs.

Meanwhile, Rajak is directed towards a nearby island by the three traitor nobles. They start a sarcastic conversation with him, commenting on his similarity with his father Ragar. Three more characters arrive, who are revealed to be werewolves accompanying the traitor nobles.

Rajak begins to wonder why they have come and realizes that all of them must intend to attack Lukedonia. He calculates his chances against them and decides it best to flee to Lukedonia to warn the other nobles. However, the white-haired noble, who is called Gradeus, realizes that Rajak has figured out their plan and declares they won't let him walk-out freely. Gradeus steps in to fight Rajak but is stopped by one of the werewolves. He demands that one of them takes on the young clan leader as it is a good opportunity for testing the strength of werewolf and noble race. Lagus ascends to his wish, much to the dismay of Grandeus.

Since Kertia clan is the acknowledged specialist of speed amongst nobles, the werewolf sends out one of his tribe who is also known for his agility - Kuharu. The werewolf approaches Rajak and after exchanging a brief formal introduction, they start off the battle without any delay. Kuharu transforms to his werewolf state as Rajak brings out his soul weapon - a clash is underway.

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