Gaitan challenges Muzaka after the latter has disposed of Grui with ease. He declares to the ex-Lord that the werewolves are now stronger than before thanks to the human modifications they have adopted. An amused Muzaka invites Gaitan to show the extent of their power and their battle begins.

At first, Gaitan's attacks land on Muzaka who is on the defense. M-21 wonders if Gaitan is stronger than Muzaka due to the apparent progress of the battle. However, Muzaka gets bored of Gaitan's attacks not finding any promising change due to the boasted enhancement. So, he takes his turn to attack and the head on battle proves Gaitan's theory totally wrong. Muzaka delivers his finishing blow in his wolf form which completely annihilates Gaitan.

Seeing such a display of extravagant power and the fast disposal of those two modified werewolves, against whom the five of them struggled, M-21 is bewildered. He recalls Frankenstein's words that Muzaka is on par with Rai in terms of power and the reason of Rai's long hibernation.

After eliminating the assassins, Muzaka lands on ground, exhausted having used his ultimate attack after such a long time. He catches a glimpse of Raizel's stare and tells his old friend not to look at him like that and remarks that he had a feeling that this would happen.

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