Muzaka's sudden appearance takes everyone by surprise; Grui and Gaitan wonder why he has showed up when he should be hiding whereas M-21 simply gapes at seeing the ex-werewolf lord standing before his eyes.

Muzaka, however, is engaged solely in conversing with Rai. He chides Rai for attacking the pack members in person. Seeing that Rai is associated with both nobles and modified humans, he finds that his once best friend has certainly changed. Muzaka realizes that Rai must have attacked his pack because his associates were in danger. However, he clearly disapproves of Rai getting involved in his family matters. Muzaka reminds Rai that he too, had once stopped Muzaka from interferring and it shouldn't be fair if Muzaka is not given the chance to stop Rai from killing his pack now.

At the mention of the past, Rai appears uneasy while Muzaka's glare continues to grow and he releases a vast amount of his aura. Rai does the same to counterract. Both of them release powerful aura which shatter the surrounding ground, causing rocks to levitate and clash as a preamble to a brewing battle. But Muzaka points out to Rai that should they start fighting there, his friends (Regis, Rael, Tao, Takeo) who are in no state to move, will get wiped out. Rai pacifies his power and withdraws from any clash while the floating rocks come crashing onto the ground.

Muzaka approves of Rai's decision. He then turns to face his own family issues but cannot recall Grui and Gaitan as part of his pack. Judging by their appearance, he realizes that they had certainly undergone human experiments. Grui retorts back at Muzaka, saying who is he to question since he is the well-known betrayer of the werewolf race and it is only because of their current Lord that they are the ruling race once again. At first, Muzaka finds it surprising that he is called a traitor. Then he feels uncomfortable, hearing Maduke's praise coming from his pack members. He asks Grui if they have come to capture him on Maduke's orders. Grui lets out a sneer and corrects him, saying that they have come to kill him.

Grui and Gaitan charge at Muzaka; Grui at the lead. An impact follows and Gaitan is certain that their attack is successful. However, as the smoke clears, Gaitan is shocked to find Grui sliced into halves. Muzaka throws a menacing glare at those who dared attack him and, in his rage, undergoes complete transformation. Glowing silvery white after transformation, Muzaka emits a deadly aura, wondering aloud if Maduke has lost sanity to have dared send only two minions to kill him.

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