Rael falls victim to Grui's sudden attack and ends up severely wounded. Regis sarcastically chides Grui for having no shame in attacking underhandedly, even though he is from the proud race of werewolves. Irritated at Regis' speech, more so - the entire noble race, Grui kicks him furiously down to ground. A worried M-21 calls out as Regis gets slammed down, only to leave himself open to Gaitan's attack which sends him flying backwards, crashing through boulders.

As their comrades are taken down one by one, Tao and Takeo could but only watch and fight the dark power within their body. They shriek with agony which makes Grui wonder whether they have gone crazy. Gaitan understands the situation and explains that the 'unpleasant power' has been eating its hosts.

When Grui suggests getting rid of all, Gaitan suggests otherwise - he thinks of taking the modified humans to their Lord for research purpose. After all, a modified human with similar abilities as a werewolf and others with the weird 'unpleasant power' seemed too good a catch to miss. Grui agrees and turns his attention to the nobles, suggesting they can at least kill them off since they can get more nobles anytime.

All the while, M-21, who is barely conscious, desparately tries to move his body in order to save his comrades from getting slaughtered. With Gaitan's consent, Grui aims to kill Regis but right then, M-21 manages to get up and shouts to stop Grui. Gaitan is surprised to see him still hanging on despite the injuries and remarks that he even lasts longer like werewolves while Grui wonders how anyone managed to make something like him.

M-21 provokes the two werewolves to be their target instead of Regis. Just as Grui is about to attack M-21, he gets impaled with Grandia in his back. Rael has used the same underhanded tactic as Grui. However, that doesn't bring the werewolf down and rather infuriates him more. Grui switches target and attacks Rael. He then throws the young noble to mid-air and shoots a killing blast at him. M-21 is unable to stop the attack and painfully watches.

When the smoke clears Rael is revealed hovering in a protective aura. The one who has saved him from the fatal attack, is none other than Rai. His sudden, graceful yet murderous presence shocks everyone.

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