Lunark and Kentas analyze the area where the EMP shockwave has been set off. After much discussion on whether it's been done by any Union agents, they come to the conclusion that Grui and Gaitan have acted on their own. The reason for those two werewolves to act wild is either finding Muzaka or a collision with nobles. Either way, Lunark and Kentas decide it's best to join them. So, they leap off to find the other two werewolves.

Meanwhile, Grui and Gaitan is surprised to see the change in Regis. Rael realizes that Regis is actually holding Legasus, although its shape seems a bit different. He wonders how Regis could have gotten it while Regis himself, wonders the same. Acknowledging that Legasus has responded to his will, Regis promises not to disappoint the souls of his noble clan. Grui mistakes Regis for a clan leader due to his possession of a soul weapon and mocks the entire race of Nobles. Just then, Regis charges at Grui whose underestimation costs him a hole through his body. As Grui heals himself, Rael analyzes the situation. He decides to team up with Regis in order to finish off Grui before Gaitan can join the fight. Their teamwork apparently pays off as Grui is gradually overcome with Rael's speed and Regis' strength. Seeing Grui unable to heal fast enough, Regis and Rael decide to go for the final blow. As the young nobles and the werewolf charge at each other, their aura collide.

When the energy sphere dispels, Regis and Rael are surprised to find that Gaitan has joined in the battle. Grui tries to convince Gaitan that he can finish off the nobles by himself but the latter remains adamant to do it as he can't let Grui get hurt any more than he is. As Gaitan properly introduces himself to Regis and Rael as their new opponent, three more figures introduce themselves as the change of members - Tao, Takeo and M-21 enter the battle arena.

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