Rael successfully lures the two werewolves to an uninhabited island. They face each other and Grui vents out his irritation at finding no clan leader present there; which had been his expectation. Grui decides to extirpate the young noble for his insolence and engages in a battle, slashing the air to send a power wave. Rael, irritated at the haughty air of the enemy, reacts with his own attack but surprisingly finds it overcome by Grui's attack and dodges in the nick of time. Grui sarcastically compliments on Rael's evading movements, hurting the pride of the young noble. Rael summons Grandia and aims an attack on the werewolves. Grui and Gaitan evade the direct blow, although Grui receives a gash on his forearm while blocking. Intrigued at the revelation of a soul weapon, Grui mistakes Rael for a clan leader and decides on a serious duel, telling Gaitan to stay out of it.

Grui transforms into his werewolf form which enhances his aura massively as well as heals his wound completely. Rael is surprised to see such change in the complete vibe of his enemy and is not a moment too soon to escape the charging Grui. Both parties clash and evade with their speed. However, Rael is soon overcome by Grui's faster attacks which land on him. Grui also receives Rael's slashing attack head-on but emerges unscathed. Rael is slashed again and again while his attacks are mocked off by Grui. At this, Rael pulls off his doppelganger attack. Grui, surprised at first, then swirls to form a slashing whirlwind to dispel all images of Rael. Then he launches at the real Rael and strikes him down to ground.

Rael staggers up reflecting on the strength of his enemy while Grui keeps on sarcastically complaining at the waste of his time remarking he should rather have gone after Muzaka. Suddenly, Grui sees a power beam approaching him and blocks it, only to find his prey gone at the moment's diversion. Rael manages to land a slash right on Grui's face who thrusts away the attacker but a moment too late.

As Rael and Regis stand side-by-side, the latter expresses his concern for Rael's condition. Rael assures him that it's nothing to worry about while Grui reveals a gash right across his face. His fury is kindled towards the young nobles more than ever as he glares at those who has scarred his face.

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