Ignes has acquired the specimen she was after: an unconscious Seira. Rael dashes towards her to retrieve Seira. The anti-clan leader weapons obscure his way and he attacks them again. Ignes notices that, despite his impressive speed, his soul weapon seemed to be lacking in power. Rael, now further enraged, then uses Grandia to destroy one of Ignes' weapons so Ignes orders the other two to stay put. She herself takes care of Rael who pays for the momentary distraction of catching Seira's unconscious body. Ignes gets away with Seira and bestows a parting gift to Rael: a deadly blast. 

The smoke clears to show that Regis has come just in time to save Rael. He thinks about going after Seira alone but Rael decides to join him, noticing his wounded hand.

Later Rai, Frankenstein and Rajak arrive at the site but no one is around. Rajak finds that Rael has left them a message in the secret Kertia coded communication method. It says that he and Seira has lost to Ignes who has taken Seira. He and Regis are pursuing them. Rai decides to go despite Frankenstein's worrying caution.

Just then Karias arrives to save the day....a bit too late. He brags of the Lord requesting him to protect the place with all he has got. Frankenstein, however, has a better job for him: house-sitting! Karias protests at first but seeing Rai, he obediently agrees to take on the task to shine.

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