The 9th Elder finds the weapons gone and realizes the true intention of Ignes for going out.

Seira is surrounded by the weapons as Ignes stands back to observe. Seira fights them but they prove to be very strong. Apart from that, their fight is affecting the humans nearby. Seira flees to lead her pursuers to the previous battle site so that humans don't get involved.

The battlefield changes but the outcome still remains same. Seira manages to fight them one by one but is outmatched when they attack her together. Ignes is impressed with Seira being able to keep up. Then Seira brings out her Grim Reaper. But the weapons shoot charged energy beam from their mouths and a triple shot takes down the Grim Reaper. The battle-worn Seira ends up with gashes and bruises all over her body; her clothes slashed open and she barely standing herself.

As Ignes enjoys the sight, Rael enters the arena calling out Seira's name. Ignes recognizes him and muses that the little boy she had last seen before departing Lukedonia has grown up.

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