Roctis worries about Ignes who hasn't been around for the past few days. The 9th Elder informs him that she has gone outside to find an experimental subject. He also comforts Roctis by saying that if she encounters current clan leaders, it'll be them who will be in danger. Although it is a fact, as a father, Roctis cannot help but worry.

Elsewhere, Ignes' greeting ushers Seira and Regis to meet her before the entire KSA headquarters is brought to the ground. Seeing the young nobles, Ignes is surprised as she has expected the KSA humans to come. Nonetheless, she is happy now that her job of collecting specimen got a whole lot easier. She decides on keeping Seira and disposing of Regis and so attacks him with a dark, whip-like aura. However, it is blocked by Seira.

Ignes recognizes her as the Loyard clan leader and ejaculates since she is the one who she had on her mind to capture. Seira asks who she is and Ignes introduces herself instantly. Seira and Regis are left startled while Ignes reminisce in her past acquaintances of their parents. She comments they were nice people (even calling them kids) - nice to the point of foolishness and it had been grieving for her to learn of their death before she could get their samples! Now that she is meeting their descendents gives her the vibes of it being fate. 

Seira sends Regis to protect the humans while she herself engages in a fight with Ignes. But she is no match for Ignes and is compelled to bring out her Death Scythe. At first, Ignes is enraptured to behold the soul weapon and within a second she is enraged at the fact she does not own something like that yet when someone with less calibre like Seira does. She calls out her mercenaries to subdue and capture Seira. Three of them land as Ignes introduces her weapons: based on the 8th Elder and custom-made to destroy clan leaders.

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