Let down by Seira's growing intimation towards Shinwoo, Rael is standing alone in the balcony pondering over and over about it. Regis stops by and joins him. Rael teases the heir of Landegre clan for training with 'human-made toys' and Regis returns it with reminding Rael that the training was effective against him. Just as Regis is about to leave, he is stopped by Rael for some reason. It's about Seira. He doesn't understand why Seira is friendly towards that particular human. Regis fills him with an elaborate description of Shinwoo - a human who doesn't have a shred of elegance and causes trouble but who risks his life to protect those of his friends. Rael is still (quite naturally) unable to accept Seira's feelings towards Shinwoo. Regis suggests Rael to try talking to 'him' about the matter.

Rael finds Rai sitting in the living room absorbed in reading. He summons all the courage he could master and asks Rai if he would spare some time. Frankenstein lurks behind to eavesdrop on what serious conversation is going to start between the two. Rael then elaborates on his problem as a shocked Frankenstein watches him proceed for relationship advice! Rai listens to Rael's problem with utmost seriousness. Rael explains how his affection for Seira has been neglected but she has bestowed a human with such kindness that he never received. In the confused state, he asks for Rai's advice on what he should do. Rai gladly sanctions the request and advises him to talk to Seira about it. Rael finds it an amazing solution and thanks Rai heartily for his advice. As Rael recollects his enthusiasm, Frankenstein stands doubting his master to have told so only because he did not know what else to say. 

Elsewhere, Yuri reports to Dr. Crombel that Ignes has started her move. Crombel asks him to personally watch her and report all her actions. After recent events, the Union has backed down. He wishes to use her as the one to trigger the fight again. Yuri doubts if she alone could do that. But Crombel explains that Ignes is a pureblood noble who has existed longer than current clan leaders and is stronger than all of them but for their clan leader disposition. She has researched to overcome her lackings. Though majority knows that the 9th Elder is her mentor, they are originally equal in terms of merit.

At the KSA headquarters, Seira and Regis have come to officially offer help as nobles. Though gratified at the offer, the KSA don't understand why they had come separately as the Chairman has been helping them out for long. Seira clears the misconception and explains that though not unrelated, they simply answer to different authorities for their actions.

Meanwhile, Ignes has arrived and makes a 'polite' introduction!

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