Rai and the Lord succeeded in dispelling the attacks from both combatants. The Lord is quite surprised and impressed by Frankenstein's power but is at a loss for what to about Frankenstein in his current state. The three clan leaders (Roctis, Lagus and Zarga) are tasked with holding Frankenstein off without killing him (much to their displeasure) while he thinks of a solution. Still drawing a blank, the Lord then decides to leave the decision of how to handle Frankenstein to Rai since he was the one who carried him under his wing. 

Raizel asks the clan leaders to step aside and enters a short battle with the berserk Frankenstein. He blocks a few attacks without retaliating (which confuses Urokai) and then proceeds to use a Blood Field with his own blood so that he can contain Frankenstein's movements with more control. Then he uses his awakening ability on Frankenstein which snaps him out of his Berserk state and causes him to lose consciousness.

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