Frankenstein and Urokai faced each other for the 'practice match' as the other clan leaders - Lagus, Roctis, Zarga and Gejutel watched from a nearby cliff.

Lagus, excited to watch a human face off a clan leader, recounted the ill-reputations of Frankenstein he heard from the human world. They said he had committed countless evils for his experiments, taken innumerable lives with his own hands and killed anyone who had opposed him. His power and cruelty was calamitous to humanity. Zarga conjectured it as the human tendency of exaggeration about Frankenstein and knowing that he had existed for a long time, such stories could have easily grown. Implying that no other clan leader except Ragar and Gejutel had seen Frankenstein fight, Lagus and Roctis hinted to hear from Gejutel. But Gejutel proposed seeing it for themselves rather than explain it. Just then, much to the others' surprise, Ragar arrived to watch the 'interesting entertainment'!

In the arena, Urokai invited Frankenstein again and again to strike him first while the latter simply stood speechless. The spectator clan leaders thought Frankenstein could be too scared to fight but Ragar guessed he was doing that to provoke Urokai. His conjecture was proved to be right when Frankenstein finally spoke up commenting Urokai that he was being talkative. He further said that it was pitiful watching Urokai struggle to keep his clan leader dignity. That snapped the line and Urokai attacked Frankenstein head on. Frankenstein dodged and made his own move with dark projectiles. But Urokai dispelled those and landed a gash on Frankenstein's chest. Frankenstein answered with his own moves while Urokai replied with power shots. Both of them pulled up a short-range power blast, creating a big crater where they had stood.

After the smoke engulfing them had cleared, the spectators looked with awe at Frankenstein who had managed to impress all of them with his powers. Zarga and Roctis were forced to rethink their conceptions on human power and even Urokai thought Frankenstein would be a handful to most other nobles. Urokai then wanted Frankenstein to bring out his unusual weapon and fight with all he had got. At first, Frankenstein expressed reluctance due to the control management issue. However, he agreed, asking Urokai to do the same. Urokai brought out Dragus and Frankenstein called his one. As the other clan leaders gaped with disbelief in their eyes, Frankenstein introduced his demented lover: Dark Spear!

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