The scene opened with the three clan leaders - Urokai, Roctis and Zarga having a conversation about their foreboding nemesis: Frankenstein. Urokai relinquished his intolerance of the human abiding under the protection of Raizel and their Lord while the other two agreed on the fact that he was becoming too much agitated. They were joined by an older noble, Lagus Tradio who agreed on the remark. Urokai retorted at Lagus that he had no right to judge what type of being Frankenstein is, never having met him personally. Revealing that he HAD done some research on Frankenstein even before the later arrived in Lukedonia, Lagus commented him as a noteworthy creature with surprising power. Zarga informed how the human had suspected them just for visiting Raizel often. This posed Frankenstein as an obvious threat to their plan. Lagus suggested their only way was to get rid of Frankenstein which is what their human acquaintances were demanding as well. Roctis deemed it impossible but Lagus proposed a way to use Frankenstein's eagerness on fighting with clan leaders like Gejutel and Ragar. All they'd have to do was to trigger Frankenstein's outbursts and the entire incident would seem like an accident resulting from his own fault. Lagus also conjured an item (a pendant) which he was given by the humans with the belief that it would drive Frankenstein mad. Urokai took it along with the responsibility of finishing Frankenstein.

Later, Frankenstein visited the palace to find Gejutel and ask him out to duel. But he was turned down as Gejutel had important business to attend to. Gejutel then inquired if their Lord's gift had aided his research. Frankenstein is confused because he was given no gift. Gejutel stated that the Lord had been drawing his own blood to give it to Frankenstein. The adds that the reason he didn't give it is possibly because Frankenstein did not ask for it. At that, Frankenstein seemed lightning-struck for a while...he missed an opportunity to get the Lord's blood for experiment!

Just then, Lagus, Urokai, Roctis and Zarga approached them. Lagus introduced himself to Frankenstein. Hearing from Gejutel about the cancelling of their duel, Urokai volunteered to be Frankenstein's match-partner instead. Gejutel also thought it would be helpful since both his and Urokai's soul weapons are quite similar. Frankenstein accepted the offer with a broad evil grin.

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