Hundreds of years ago, when Frankenstein had started to live in Rai's mansion in Lukedonia, it triggered more frequent visits from Roctis and Urokai to check on Rai. On one such occasion, the two came to find Rai alone in his room. Urokai, angry with the human getting chance to live with Rai, was constantly asking whether the human troubled him. Clearly disappointed that Rai was perfectly okay with his new companion, Urokai wished to brew him some tea. Another blow befell him as he set his eyes on the already served tea on the table. Rai expressed his irritation at their frequent visits so Roctis stated the other reason for their errand: the Lord wished to meet Frankenstein. However, the person they had come to take seemed to be absent from the mansion.

In the grounds of Rai's land, Ragar and Frankenstein were training with each other. At one point, Frankenstein realized the limits of using Dark Spear and called it a day. He complimented the powers of a clan leader which Ragar returned by calling him a human with powers equaling his own. Frankenstein thanked Ragar for giving him the chance to fight and in the process collect data on his spear. What bothered him was Ragar not utilizing his specialty. Ragar admitted having no real answer and decided to work on those skills. Later he suggested the only relevant answer would be that the Nobles had faced no situation that would make them use their skills more efficiently.

Roctis and Urokai approached the tête-à-tête. Urokai started off by chiding Ragar on sparring with the newcomer. Ragar on the other hand, told them he found training with Frankenstein quite helpful. Frankenstein vexed Urokai further saying he had known the nobles never scorned humans but to find a clan leader doing so was unexpected. At this, Urokai said that he only rebuked the likes of him whose lust for power made them lower than humans and stated the real reason for his dislike of him: he got to stay with 'him'! Ragar defended Frankenstein once more before asking Roctis why they were there. The reason for their presence: taking Frankenstein to the Lord. Ragar took the responsibility himself which led to the visitors' departure.

Frankenstein was brought before the Lord in presence of Ragar and Gejutel. The intensity of the moment wore on Frankenstein who was finally meeting the Lord of the nobles. The silence was broken by the Lord himself as he mentioned that he had been waiting for Frankenstein to show up. The Lord further mentions that he wondered if Frankenstein required the Lord's blood sample for experiments so he kept waiting for a long time.

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