Rajak is doing visualization training in the basement of Frankenstein's house. As he sifts through the memories of his battle with the Union Elders  in order to find where he can improve, Rael approaches him apologetic about the difficulty of his battle with the ex-clan leader and blaming it on how his brother's soul weapon was split with his. Rajak brushes this aside, however, and insists to his brother that the only thing to blame was his own inadequacy but Rael stubbornly insists that if he had a complete soul weapon things would have turned out differently.

This conversation goes on until Cadis Etrama Di Raizel appears and explains to Rael that Ragar's decision to split the clan's soul weapon should be taken as proof of the faith he had in both of them to overcome their imperfections.

Considering this Rael heads back upstairs where he sees M-21, Tao, and Takeo standing around and goes into one of his rants about how annoying it is to see them around and orders them to leave. Regis intervenes this time though, saying that if he can't stand looking at them then he should be the one to leave; as it is their home he's standing in. Rael reacts with stunned disbelief that "toys" are living with the Noblesse. Regis warns him about his attitude when talking about the Noblesse's decisions and, with a distinctly serious tone, asks if he is questioning him. Rajak appears behind his brother and asks the same question. Rael reels from all this backtracks and is pretty much left there in shock as Regis walks away with a smirk on his face. The modified humans remark on how Regis has changed since they first met him.

The scene shifts to Frankenstien's island where he stands before a dangerous looking black orb, looking a little worse for the wear, but he declares that he finally has what he needs. Tao contacts him and to inform him that the 13th Elder, Dr. Crombel, has requested a secret meeting.

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