Dr. Crombel sends Yuri to collect information on the Elders' current actions, being ignorant of what his superior elders were mentioning in their conversation earlier in the meeting. To add to his dissatisfaction, he has learned of the 9th Elder paying a visit to the 4th's place which hints that the 9th elder has clearer knowledge on what's going on. So, Crombel decides to investigate the matter himself!

Meanwhile, Frankenstein comes around to his master who has been idling in the classroom at night and informs him that the school is repaired. Rai compliments the trio, who had worked very hard to fix the school grounds. Frankenstein, on the other hand, is more worried for Rai. Now that everyone knows about Rai, their target from now on will always be Him. Rai finds it tiring just like the children feel tired of school time. Frankenstein notices that the ring he gifted Rai has stopped the power seeping but his health is deteriorating nonetheless. So, he decides to do something else. He leaves the room and assigns Tao to look after the school until his return.

The following day brings Yonsu and Sangeen to the school to deliver some papers to Tao. Both of them are astonished to find the damaged school repaired within such a short time as if it were never damaged! Tao takes the credit of fixing of course.

Elsewhere, in Lukedonia, report of Zarga and Urokai's death reaches the Lord. Karias proposes sending aid to Rajak who alone would be insufficient because all of the traitor clan leaders are involved with the union. He again states his wish to go to aid the Noblesse and show their enemies the power of Lukedonia, followed by a usual ruckus.

Later that day, while walking with Gejutel alone, the Lord shows concern about Rai who have expended considerable amount of powers to exterminate the two clan leaders.

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